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               Taian Dingli Gum Industry Co.,Ltd is founded in 2001, loacated in Taian city, Shandong Province, convenient transportation and elegant environment. The mainly production is gum arabic, gum arabic powder, peach gum,peach gum powder and hot melt glue.
               Based on the philosophy of ‘PEOPLE PRIETED, SCIENTIFIC INNOVATION’, Dingli gum company has employed many technical personnel and management personnel related to natural gum industry to ensure the stable and rapid development of Dingli gum company
                Gum arabic/Gum arabic powder is natrual gum. Gum arabic/gum arabic powder is widely used in the products of beverage,bake,daiy product,chocolate and candy.Gum arabic/gum arabic powder is used as emusifier,thicker,suspending agent, adhesive,film agent ,glazing agent and stabilier. Dingli gum company has equipped with a large number of professional processing equipment and testing equipment, The processing technology and testing technology is becoming more and more mature and perfect. Now Taian Dingli Gum Industry Co., Ltd. can design and process gum arabia powder according to your requiement.

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        Taian Dingli Gum Industry Co.,Ltd
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          Add:Shandong Tai’an City tai shan district DongShou fukang road


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